Welcome to Cheer Jeans

Sep 3, 2020

Cheer Jeans is your destination for women’s jeans of all sizes and styles. We want you to feel as comfortable and empowered here as you feel in your favorite pair of perfect-fit, knock-em-dead, I-can-do-anything jeans! (You know the ones.) Let us tell you a little more about who we are and what we can do for you.

We Are Women

We care about you. We care about the issues that women around the world deal with every day. That includes a lot of things: fashion, health, your body, feeling great, your mindset, politics, breaking world news, academics, family, food, work, and ideals. What you are thinking and feeling is just as important to us as what you are wearing. We think jeans have a lot to do with being feminine.

What Jeans Mean for Women

Historically, men started the denim jeans trend. When women entered the workforce during World War I, they began wearing denim, and they called their new working clothes “freedom-alls.” Although it took a while for jeans to become a staple of a woman’s wardrobe, we did get a lot of help from the years of creative self-expression in the 1960s and 70s. Women rebelled against conformity, switching their skirts to pants, and loosening everything up (hence, bell-bottoms). They personalized their jeans (and other clothing items) with rhinestones, embroidery, and other decorations.

Traditionally, jeans represent feminist values, such as freedom, adventure, equality, leading your own life, and being comfortable with yourself. At Cheer Jeans, we strive to continue this tradition by bringing you the best in jeanswear. You are a woman, and you have every right to own a great pair of jeans (or five pairs, or twenty). We believe you should feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. You should feel beautiful and still be able to work hard. Moreover, you should have a place to shop where finding jeans is fun.

More Than Jeans

While our focus, obviously, is on jeans, we are more than that. We are women who discuss real life. You’ll find plenty of great articles to read here. Our conversations are relevant to women and the things women care about. For example, we love body positivity, fashion industry news, and women in politics. Everything you find here will be from a female perspective because that’s who we are. We encourage you to follow along as we explore all varieties of women issues.

What is Body Positivity?

So glad you asked! Basically, it means your body is good the way it is. It doesn’t matter what size you are. The shape of your body doesn’t have to look a certain way. Your body’s age is perfectly fine. What matters is who you are. Your outward appearance does not weigh in on your worthiness as a person. Instead, you embrace your body, and you accept it. You work on treating it right. In the simplest terms, you are positive about your own body. You don’t need to compare it to anyone else’s body. You don’t need to feel shame or guilt for the way you look. Instead, you celebrate yourself.

We Help You Celebrate Yourself

Our jeans are empowering. The right pair of jeans can make you feel attractive, confident, feminine. . . Whatever you want to feel, we have a pair of jeans for that. What kind of jeans do you wear when you’re feeling silly? How about when you feel like you are invincible? What jeans do you wear when you need some alone-time? What jeans do you pack for a trip to the cabin? What jeans do you wear on a Friday night?

It’s time to reflect on yourself and your lifestyle. Go ahead and shop at our online store. Can you imagine yourself wearing those jeans?